Who Is Airsoft Jungle Club?

Airsoft Jungle Club is a Wisconsin airsoft club based in Southeastern Wisconsin. We play various games and scenarios in our indoor 28,000 square foot CQB field. New players are always welcome to join the sport of airsoft here in Milwaukee. We have players from all over southeastern Wisconsin and of all ages and experience levels and will gladly accept more members. We have a gun technician on site who is always available to fix guns, upgrade/downgrade guns, and even do custom paint jobs. We also have a photographer who attends often to take pictures of both members and guests and is available for special events.


Where Is Your Game Field Located?

Our CQB field is located on the south side of Milwaukee at 1236 w pierce, Milwaukee, WI 53204· We have converted a Civil War era warehouse into a maze of rooms and bunkers.

Get Directions

For more information or directions please email James Brown at airsoftjungle10@yahoo.com.


What’s The FPS Limit For The Field?

All guns will be chronographed at the start of the day and must fire 350 FPS or lower with .2 gram BB’s. Guns shooting over 350 FPS will not be allowed on the field, however we do have a gun technician available to work on guns shooting over 350 FPS to allow them to shoot at the legal speed. Heavier BB’s can be used but all guns will be measured with .2 gram BB’s. We reserve the right to do random chrono (fps) testing on the field to ensure that no guns above the legal limit are snuck in.


What does the field look like?

The field features almost 100% movable walls and cover so the field is constantly changing to adapt to what players like to see. Suggestions on what to change on the field are welcome. For videos of gameplay and updates on the field check us out on Youtube at http://www.youtube.com/user/AJCVideothec.


How Old Do You Have To Be To Play On The Field?

Due to legal reasons we ask that players be at least 13 years old and have a parent sign the game waiver. All players under 18 must have their parents sign the game waiver. The Waiver and Rules of Engagement need to printed and signed IN FRONT OF STAFF on game day. You can find links to the waivers in the navigation box to the right.


What Are The Hours Of Operation?

Monday – Closed

Tuesday – Closed

Wednesday – Closed

Thursday – 4 pm – 10pm

Friday 4pm – 10pm

Saturday 11am – 7pm

Sunday 11am – 7pm


Do You Have Rental Guns and Masks Available?

Yes we do! All we ask is that you come with a positive attitude, respect the playing area, follow the rules, and fill out a Airsoft Game Waiver.

If you would like to try airsoft and do not have a gun yet, rentals available for $25. With the rental you get a weapon, goggles, 1800 rounds of ammunition, and you walk on the field for free. We have Ak-47 style guns, M4′s, Mp5′s, Thompsons, and other guns. Mask are all paintball certified and inspected to ensure safety.


What should I wear?

Unlike paintball, airsoft is not a messy sport. We do recommend padded clothing such as a sweatshirt and work gloves to help stop the sting of bb’s. BB’s hurt when they hit bare flesh!


Parties are by Reservation only!!!

Contact James Brown at airsoftjungle10@yahoo.com to reserve the field today!

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